Sense on Site – Architecture x Art Exhibition

2022-10-15 to 2023-02-12

Preface / Shan-Shan Huang

“Senses” refer to feelings and awareness invisible yet instinctive and indescribable beyond conventional written languages and knowledge systems.

This exhibition invites artist Te-Yu Wang and architect Bo-Yang Lin to engage in long-term interaction and dialogue on the spatial basis provided by the Jut Art Museum. They collaborate across the borders of two substantially different edifices, viz., art and architecture, responding to the museum’s space per se with their respective ideological perspectives and creative vocabularies. More specific, they collectively create a new space that transcends the rigid confines of established frameworks and then encourage the visitors to experience and explore it, expecting this “site” to evoke the most genuine and purest senses in the deepest recesses of each visitor’s mind.

The entire museum space thus metamorphoses into a piece of work. There are neither chunks of text nor theoretical frameworks and standard interpretations for the visitors. The modalities and features in this space, be they brightness and darkness, clamor and serenity, or firmness and softness, are subjectively defined in terms of the visitors’ personal senses.

Since this exhibition seeks to liberate people from the entrenched orthodoxy of visiting exhibitions, it guides the visitors to physically explore the realm far removed from the places they’re familiar with, a realm that is not easily perceived but shared with others. Such rheological relations between humanity and spaces as well as between self and others will in turn prompt the visitors to cogitate upon the possible state or form of being.

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Exhibition CF



  • ExhibitorsTe-Yu Wang, Bo-Yang Lin
  • CuratorShan-Shan Huang


  • Date2022.10.15(sat)-2023.2.12(sun)
  • Venue|Jut Art Museum (No.178, Sec. 3, Civic Blvd., Da'an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan)
  • Opening HoursTUE-SUN 10:00-18:00 (Closed on Mondays)
  • Admission|By appointment only, and Entry will open according to vacancy. General TWD 100, Concessions TWD 80 (Student, seniors aged 65 and above, and groups of 10 or more) Free Admission for the disabled and a companion, children aged 12 and under (Concessions or Free Admission upon presentation of valid proof)
  • Student Day on WED|Free Admission once on Wednesdays upon presentation of valid student ID



  • Exhibition Team
    • Exhibition Supervisors|Aaron Y. L. Lee, Alex Y. H. Lee
    • Exhibition Coordinator|Ying-Peng Chen
    • Assistant Coordinators|Pei-Yu Lin, Wei-Jie Ou, Yen-Hsiu Chen, Yu-Kuei Peng
    • Exhibition Production Coordination|Yi-Chi Chang, Wing-Ying Yip, Ho-Chien Sun, An-Shun Cheng, Hsin-Wei Lin, Pin-Jie Wu
    • Exhibition Construction Support| Norman Chen, Shih-Yi Chen
    • Communications and Marketing Coordinator|Szu-An Chen
    • Communications and Marketing|Yen-Shan Li, Shu-Yuan Chang, Yu-Hsuan Lin, Chi-Yun Chang
    • Public Service Coordinator|Shu-Yuan Chang
    • Public Service|Chieh-Yun Hsieh, Yi-Chen Hung
    • Administration Coordinator|Kuo-Ming Miao
    • Exhibition Assistants|Tzi-Wei Su, Chen-Yu Chu, Hui-Chi Chih, The One Production Studio
    • Visual Design|Mistroom
    • Lighting Design|WEDO Lighting


In order to maintain the quality of the visit, all visitors are required to reserve online in advance. Online reservations are open for time slots in the next two weeks. Phone reservations are not available. 

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Visiting Notice

To ensure your visit quality and safety, please read these reminders and follow the staff instructions:

1 All the belongings must be deposited at the information desk or coin lockers. If you need small bags for your cash and valuables, please contact the information desk.
2 Photography and videography are allowed, but the flash and tripod are prohibited.
3 This exhibition is a time slot booking system. Each ticket is limited to use by one person only, and each reservation is only valid for a single entry.
4 In order to maintain the quality of the visit, admission is divided into time slots and on-site waiting. After 10 minutes of each session, admission will be opened sequentially. Please follow the instructions of the staff to line up for visiting.  (Last entry is 17:20)
5 Children under 12 must be accompanied by adults. Each adult can have a maximum of 2 children for safety reasons.
6 It is necessary to take off your shoes and wear socks while entering the exhibition space; it is also recommended not to wear short skirts or shorts. To ensure exhibition quality and safety, please DO NOT move or damage the exhibits.
7 Please watch your steps and slow down your pace while visiting.
8 For optimal visitor experiences, please refrain from raising voices, chasing and running. Switch your phones to silent or vibration mode.
9 No food, smoking, gums, betel nuts, illicit items, or dangerous objects.
10 No pets, except for guide dogs.
11 Information desk provides pencils if needed. Other stationaries are not allowed.
12 This exhibition focuses on the visitor’s physical perception and experience of the works. Considering  part of the exhibition space can only be entered through stairs and the safety for the visitor with limited mobility, please confirm such limitation before your visit.
13 This exhibition includes elevated stairs and confined spaces. Please contact the staff if any uncomfortable situation happens.
14 Additional notices may be announced on site. 
Thank you for your cooperation, and apologizey to any inconvenience caused.




《Sense on Site – Architecture x Art Exhibition》
2022.10.27《Sense on Site – Architecture x Art Exhibition》Workshop
2022.11.24《Sense on Body》Yoga Workshop
2023.01.08《Sense on Site:On Site》Dance X Music Perform
2023.02.02《Sense on Site:50 Breathing》Riverbed Theatre
2023.02.26《Sense on Site:Sense between us 》Art therapy Workshop