A Decade: Our Urban Imagination and Adventures

2017-10-21 to 2018-02-25

In 2007, Jut Foundation for Arts and Architecture was born and started the Project "MUSEUM of TOMORROW"…
In 2010, the Chang Chun Arts Block was commenced as the very first base for the "Project UrbanCore"…
In 2016, Jut Art Museum is officially launched, and we are back to the start point beside the Civic Boulevard…
Now in 2017, after all the adventures in the city during these 10 years, we are ready to deliver our story.


A Decade: Our Urban Imagination and Adventures 

Dates: Oct. 21, 2017 – Feb. 25, 2018


Main exhibition - Jut Art Museum
Satellite exhibition - U-mkt

Organizer: Jut Foundation for Arts and Architecture

Free admission

Free Events:

  • Artist Workshop
  • International Forum-Jut Future Forum 2018
  • Mini Salon Talks
  • Guided Tours


exhibition brochure



Exhibition Team

Curator: Dr. SU Yaohua
Supervisors: Aaron Y.L. Lee, Alex Y.H. Lee, Lea Y.C. Lin
Project Organizer: Huang Shan-Shan
Exhibition Managers: Main venue ─ Tsai Yu-Hsien, Liu Yi-Hsuan
                                               Satellite venue ─ Hung Yi-Ling
Coordinators: Fu Ya, Singer Hsu, Chen I-Hsin, Chan Ning, Wei Huang
Promotion & Events: Yen Hua-Chih, Hsieh Meng-Jung, Fu Ya, Singer Hsu, Liang Ya-Ting, Wayne Yang, Huang Chun-Hsiang
Administrators: Anis Chen, Wu Ting-Yun, Lin Chi-Yun, Lisa Yang, Tseng Yun-Ling
Visual Designer: Tseng Hui-Yu
Spatial Design: Main venue: AI Group
                                  Satellite venue: archicake design
Construction & Installment: Main venue ─ AI Group, Thousand Bird Arts. Co.
                                                              Satellite venue ─ archicake design
Translator: Living Rock Trans-Creation
Documentary: Life Scenery Films




Oct. 20th 2017 Exhibition Opening Press Conference & VIP Preview
Oct. 21st 2017 Susumu Shingu's Artist Talk and Pinwheel Windmill Painting Workshop