Kengo Kuma : Place / Inspiration

2021-07-24 to 2021-09-12

Preface / Jut Art Museum

The 2021 Jut Art Museum Off-Site Project steps out of the museum space and into the surrounding environs for the exhibition Kengo Kuma: Place / Inspiration. Internationally renowned architect Kengo Kuma has been invited to showcase a carefully culled selection of notable works from recent years, and will debut a new outdoor installation work.

Steadfast to a conviction to integrate local environments and culture, Kengo Kuma’s creations begin locally and leave their mark globally. Architectural designs unique to each locale are inspired by the area surrounding each site. Kengo Kuma links inspiration to place through the four themes of “hole,” “oblique,” “particles,” and “time.” These four themes serve as the main axes of this exhibition, which will feature an exquisite selection of architectural designs highlighting six museums, libraries and other cultural institutions from locations including the Philippines, Japan, Denmark, and Scotland. At each locality, Kengo Kuma’s inspiration of places and the cultural heritage crystalized from arts and the humanities mutually reflect to intensify and stimulate a liberal and abundant creative energy. This exhibition will also showcase several material, structural, and technical prototypes of experimental models inspired by installation designs which will provide further insights into Kengo Kuma’s creative process. A new mobile installation work designed by Kengo Kuma, inspired by traditional Japanese origami, will also make its debut at the exhibition.

Through this exhibition, audiences will delve into Kengo Kuma’s inner world of ideas as they gain a glimpse into the ways in which his designs draw inspiration from each place. The exhibition invites audiences to join in an exploration of the infinite possibilities of arena, of architecture, of inspiration, and of creativity through multifaceted perspectives and an expansive panorama.



For the Taiwan Exhibition / Kengo Kuma

I am overcome by many sorts of inspiration when I come to Taiwan. All sorts of inspiring shapes and details are born from this place called Taiwan, and I am sure that various new things will continue to emerge whenever I come to this intriguing place.

I am not the type to stay holed up in a room thinking. Rather, I prefer leaving the room and walking about, where many new things come to mind. To walk around a place is to engage in a conversation with it. To not only see a place with your eyes, but also to engage with it using your entire body, including your feet, ears, nose and mouth, feeling the light, wind, sound, and smell of the place. It is through this kind of communication with the place that my architecture is born.

That's why my architecture looks different in each place where it is built. Rather than imposing an artistic style, I instead take inspiration from each place, and each architectural work takes on a shape of its own. This methodology is decisively different from the generation of architects preceding me. To help you understand this difference I thought of an exhibition like this.


  • Date|2021.07.24 SAT – 09.12 SUN
  • Venue|MOT Taipei (No. 9, Ln. 65, Sec. 1, Jianguo S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106 , Taiwan)
  • Opening Hours|TUE-SUN 10:00-18:00 (Closed on Mondays)
  • Admission|Free Admission, Online Reservation
    *Reservation page will be available at 11:00, July 20th:



  • Exhibition Team
    • Exhibition Supervisor|Aaron Y. L. LEE, Alex Y. H. LEE, Shan-Shan HUANG
    • Exhibition Coordinators|Yu-Ming CHEN, Wei HUANG (Jut Art Museum)
      Tomoyuki HASEGAWA,  Go TERASAWA (Kengo Kuma and Associates)
    • Assistant Coordinators|Yu-Kuei PENG, Wei-Jie OU (Jut Art Museum)
      Sarah Wellesley SJAFEI, Hsing-Chen WU Starry, Sora YU, Sho KOIKE (Kengo Kuma and Associates)
    • Communications and Marketing Coordinator|Szu-An CHEN
    • Communications and Marketing|Yen-Hsiu CHEN, Yen-Shan LI, Shu-Yuan CHANG
    • Public Service|Shu-Yuan CHANG, Tzu-Yi YANG
    • Administration Coordinator|Shiang-Yu HUANG
    • Exhibition Assistants|Yu-Hsuan LIN, Hung-Hua TSENG
    • Exhibition Designer|Kengo Kuma and Associates
    • Graphic Designers|YOO Shiho (Kengo Kuma and Associates), Tsai-Yuan TSAI 
    • Lighting Designer|Chung-Chang HO
    • Outdoor Installation|Fure Jang Enterprise Co. Ltd.