ZERO CITY—Marco Casagrande: Who Cares, Wins the Third Generation City


Valid ID or relevant credentials are required for discounted and free admissions.

Category Admission      Applicable to  
General NTD 150      general audiences     

With general / discounted / group tickets, buy 2 cups of drinks and get the 2nd one 50% off at MOT CAFÉ (Jut Art Museum branch)

Discount NTD 120
  1. students
  2. seniors 65 and above
Group NTD 100

     groups of 10 visitors or more

Free -
  1. people with disabilities and one guardian or companion
  2. children 12 and under
  3. student day on Wednesday
  4. Taipei residents of Changlong Vil., Pitou Vil., Minhui Vil., and Cheng'an Vil.


  • Tickets are limited to single use, please retain them safely. Damages, photocopies are invalid and will not be reimbursed if lost.
  • Due to the special floor coverings and for your safety, it is highly recommended to wear flats, and avoid flip-flops or high heals.
  • Still photography is permitted in the museum for personal, noncommercial use only. No flash, tripods, or camera extension poles are allowed. Video is not permitted.