An Urban Challenge

Inarguably among the most influential architects of our time, Tadao Ando is revered not only for notable architectural works around the world, but also for his message of unrestrained, transcendent, ceaseless endeavor.

Mr. Ando pivoted from professional boxing into the world of architecture without formal academic training. He embarked on a seven-year autodidactic journey at the age of 21, traveling throughout Europe, the United States, and Africa. Through his travels and self-education, he nourished himself by absorbing the essence of renowned architects, and in 1995 was bestowed the prestigious accolade of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, known as the Nobel Prize of Architecture. Throughout his life, he consistently overcame obstacles to realize his architectural vision. The term “endeavor” has become a pervasive theme central to his life, as well as the core spirit in the current exhibition.

Jut Art Museum is honored to bring TADAO ANDO: ENDEAVORS to Taipei, representing the final chapter in a global exhibition tour that began at the National Art Center in Tokyo in 2017. The chosen exhibition venue at the original site of the Songshan Tobacco Factory, constructed during the Japanese colonial period, further underscores the significance of the dialogue between architecture and history. Symbolizing the conversation between time and space, the 1:1 full-scale replica of his masterpiece Church of the Light hopes to provide audiences with an intimate immersive experience of the power of architecture.

In a lecture organized by Jut Art Museum in 2019, the octogenarian Mr. Ando imparted exceptional encouragement and courage to the audience, using a green apple as a metaphor for his lifelong understanding of “youthfulness” – as a fearlessness in the face of failure, and the perpetual maintenance of an open mind and passion, with a spirit that endeavors to challenge harsh realities again and again.

As the first museum in Taiwan that is focused on issues of “future” and “city,” Jut Art Museum not only hopes to guide the audience in bearing witness to the brilliant life journey of this architectural giant as he conquered challenge after challenge, but also in this spirit, the museum endeavors to play the role of navigator in future urban development. In order to instigate an architectural education exchange, we present to members of the public exhibition events and knowledge content that is international scope. We invite everyone to contemplate possibilities for a diversified and expansive urban architecture.

Jut Art Museum