HOME 2028 (Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts)

2018-03-10 to 2018-06-18

HOME 2028:Usher in the Digital Age, Conceive the Poetic Home of the Future

General Curator: Ching-Yueh Roan
Curators to HOME 2025: Ching-Yueh Roan, Wei-Hsiung Chan, Sotetsu Sha

This is an exhibition and vision about in what form the future home of the people of Taiwan should take. 

The key element of this exhibition is the invitation outstanding young and middle-aged architects to join forces with individuals in Taiwan's very active and competitive industries in cooperatively imagining the appearance of the future homes of the people of Taiwan. We especially look forward to designers making good use of the strengths of Taiwan's industries, returning to the subjective location of local culture and society, gaining a clear awareness of their own strengths and the challenges that they face, and daring to gradually achieving dialogue with the vast global system after setting forth from the tiny local reality.

By letting designers get in touch with local manufacturing and aesthetics, this exhibition seeks to foster a sense of a local place of existence and active dialogue with the global entirety, while seeking out the necessary conditions for the coexistence of differences. This is like Taiwan's natural, cultural, history environment, which have always had their diverse, multifaceted features, and this rich and complex background is exactly what can enable Taiwan's design industry develop its strengths and opportunities for growth. 

The urban/architectural concepts explored by this exhibition both reflect the various residential problems emerging in the wake of the rapid increase in Taiwan's urban population during the postwar period, and also reveal the new nomadic mode of living that has sprung up following the rise of the current industrial/digital society. It challenges us to crack the problems that face us, and also provides various constructive reflections on issues of architectural and ecological sustainability that will affect the world's fate. 

This exhibition is divided into two parts. The first part moves the "HOME 2025" which was first unveiled at Taipei's Jut Art Museum at the end of 2016, in its entirety to the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts. The second part—"The Home Happily Sets Sail"—which has a geographical focus on southern Taiwan, invites outstanding local architects to cooperate with industry personnel in engaging in individual dialogues with artworks, and jointly creating all-new works for this exhibition. 

The home is the sheltered port that every wandering soul hopes to return to, and is also the happy place where we can obtain peace in body and mind. Although this is only a single exhibition activity, it bears the profound expectations and goodwill of all participants toward the homes of the people of Taiwan.


Yin-Ping Fang, Wei Fang, Che Wang, Wei-Ho Wang, Hideki Hirahara, Shingo Tsuji,Wu-I Wu, Sheng-Ming Wu, Jay W. Chiu, Wei-Yen Shao, Hide Lin, Sheng-Feng Lin, Ching-Mou Hou, Tig-Kai Weng, Yueh-Hsing Chen, Xuan-Cheng Chen,
sung-Hsuan Hsu, Wen-Yuan Peng, Divooe Zein, Borden Tseng, Wei-Li Liao, Dominic Chao, Chien-Ming Chao,
Kuo-Chang Liu, Jackie Wang+Henry Hsiao, Chi-Cheng Lee+Tung-Ho Tsai, Frank Chen+Yu-Chen Chiu,
Hsu-Yuan Kuo+Effie Huang, Malone Chang+Yu-Lin Chen, Shi-Chieh Lu+Jeong-Der Ho,
Hsiu-Chuan Yang+Ya-Feng Kao, JiaHui Day+HsinPing Lin, Hom Liou+Bruce Wang,
Fieldoffice Architects(Yu-Hsiang Hung)+Chung-Sheng Liu+Shih-Fang Wang,
Wei Tseng+Chao-Hsun Lin+Ming-Jui Hsu

Participating Businesses

3M Taiwan, O Plus Design, WoodTek, MyVita, Taiwan Mobile, Uneo, Chu Lu Ranch, Show Chwan Health Care System, Chong Hong Development, Chang jie onstruction, Super Dragon Technology,Spring Pool Glass,
EKIRYO Technology & Engineer, UD Care, People's Steel Structure, CHUNGAN WELLSUN+GoTA,
Goldsun building materials, BROGENT TECHNOLOGIES, JING TAY CEMENT PRODUCT, Shin-Kong Security,
Shinkong Textile, Sunshine PV, Rui Long Brick Factory, HOPAX, SHUTER, JIU ZHEN NAN TAIWAN PASTRY

HOME 2028 

Date: 2018.3.10~2018.6.18
Venues: Galleries 101~103, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
Website: Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

Supported by Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government
Curated by Jut Foundation for Arts and Architecture
Organized by Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Jut Art Museum
Sponsored by 23 Bamboo Studio, EKIRYO Technology & Engineer Co., LTD., BROGENT TECHNOLOGIES INC.,
Sinsin International Ceramics Co.,Ltd., JING TAY CEMENT PRODUCT CO.,LTD., Rui Long Brick Factory, 
Appointed Deformaldehyde Coating Sponsor by HOPAX